Alternatives to http/webdav

I need to sync between two hosts and the limitations on webdav are making the resulting copy inconsistent.

Given that, I am also constrained to https, what alternatives do I have?

What do you mean constrained by https? is a great tool to sync.

I can only use https as a protocol, for example, I cannot use scp over ssh.

Your link looks interesting however I already have a significant investment in rclone and if possible would like to keep using it instead of adding yet another one off implementation.


Are you restricted by port 443 or by https specifically?

What limitations of webdav are causing you issues?

Hi, the traffic passes through an application level firewall, so yes it must be genuine https.

The problem with webdav for me is modtime and hashes, the data I have often changes while remaining the same size, therefor the files get skipped.

It would be relatively easy for rclone serve webdav to support the owncloud extensions which allow modtime and checksums.

Would that be useful?

if so please make a new issue on github. Would you like to help implement?

I have created 3147 for the feature request.

I certainly can’t object to assisting with my own requirement, however I have not used Go before so I imagine it will be some time before I am sufficiently versed.

Thanks for the guidance on the this.

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