After using FUSE to mount my Amazon Cloud Drive to my Linux box using RCLONE, getting some wierd access errors

Hi all, recently I mounted my ACD using the tutorial here, but all of a sudden, Im getting wierd issues…
On my linux box I now have to use sudo rclone in order to have access to the file, and just recently after a transfer I received the following:
2017/08/01 08:25:05 Failed to move newly written config from C:\Users\futurepr0n .config\rclone\rclone.conf336588135 to final location: rename C:\Users\futurepr 0n.config\rclone\rclone.conf336588135 C:\Users\futurepr0n.config\rclone\rclone .conf: Access is denied.
Im not sure how I can fix this, or if I will need to re-set up everything now that i might have some sort of corruption.
Has anyone ever had an issue like this?

Check the ownership of the config file.

i suspect it has become owned by root, so chown it to be your user and then run rclone as your user, not root, from then on.

I’ll add that if you need to run it as both root and the ‘user’, make sure you change the group permission on teh config file to something that the ‘user’ can read. When rclone writes to teh config it will keep teh ‘group’ permission intact which allows it to be shared across users:

If my ID is robert and my primary group is ‘mygroup’:
chown root:mygroup config
chmod 770 config

Now when root changes the ownership to ‘root’ it will still be writable by ‘robert’ via the group ‘mygroup’.

Hope that helps.

Interesting thanks ! If it helps, I mounted using fuse and had the owner and group 501, as that was what I saw from my other mounts I share from a NAS. The difference though in how fuse mounted seemed to be an issue, as I was unable to drag and drop to the folder to copy and that’s where I noticed these problems beginning.

Any idea if that might be partly responsible