Adding an 'empty byte' to every file inside a folder?

I want the MD5 sum of every file to be changed prior to having the file on the cloud, I'm thinking the best/easiest option is to add a single byte to every file (jpg, mp4, mpeg, etc).

Anyone have a script that can automate this in rclone?

The goal of this would be for the cloud providers to not match my files with any of their other content, at least not through any easy MD5 comparison etc. I don't want it encrypted since I would want to have the content streamed from the cloud directly or through my phone.

I'm always getting new content, so having to do this manually before uploading it myself would be time consuming overtime.

If you add 1 byte to a file, it changes how files would work as the containers are not expecting that.

A better bet would be to use the crypt remote and just encrypt things. That will ensure that each time you'd upload the same file to a cloud provider, the MD5 sum would be different.

sure you can have a crypted remote and watch those videos on cellphone.

use termux to run a rclone serve dlna.
use vlc to view files on that dlna server

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crypt with webdav or http or dlna. Works great.

even easier.

there is a rclone browser for android.
it seems that you can click on a video and it will play

did some more testing.
there is a new app RCX,
an updated rclone browser.
this version has added dlna server, which seemed to be missing from older versions.
this version is a fork.

so no need for termux and command line stuff

That works really well actually.

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