Add support for SkyCloud

Hello to everyone!!!
I have found this cloud storage:, is possibile to add support for this?

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rclone supports FTP and FTPS

have you used it, as i find it very hard to believe unlimited storage for such a low price?
500 TB = 500,000 GB - Half a Million Gigabyte of Storage for FREE"

given that skycloud does not support windows, linux or macos, not sure why rclone should take the time to implement that custom API?

rclone uses the go language.
i did not see a go lang package for that API.

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Thanks a lot for your reply :smiley:
i have seend that there is also support for ftp.
I'm trying to use this, do you know some other storage website?

Thanks a lot

rclone supports many storage systems.
the problem with ftp is that it is unreliable and does not support checksums.
checksums ensure that the local file is the same as the file that was uploaded.

if you can describe what you want to do, we can offer suggestions.

  • backups
  • store media files to stream from plex
  • other

Thanks again a lot for your reply :slight_smile:
I want to store movies and tv for stream with Plex.

Do you know some other cloud service that is cheap and have a lot of space?
For now I’m using google team drive but in 2022 google will remove the unlimited GB so I’m trying to find an alternative

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how much data in gdrive?
how much does it cost?

For now 0€ and unlimited data

how much data is stored in gdrive?

For now it’s about 2,5 TB

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