Add option to show folders created on last 'x' days

Rclone v1.52.2
Os: Ubuntu 18.04
Cloud: Google drive

I'm triying to show folder created x days ago but rclone can't do this. Or maybe im using bad syntaxis.

rclone lsd gdrive:series --max-age 10d --fast-list
And show me alls the folters, and not only the new from 10 days.

I want to list the folders by age. But I can't
rclone lsd gdrive:series --order-by modtime
Order by only for for sync, rclone copy.

@ncw could you implement this features in the future please

--max-age and friends only work on files at the moment, alas.

You could do it like this which will show the 50 latest directories - that might help.

rclone lsf -R --dirs-only -F tp --csv gdrive:series | sort | tail -n50
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