Add C14 from as target?


A big thank first for your software. Very good indeed. And for your time spent on it.

Would it be possible to add C14, the new offer from (one of the 3 major French telecom operator)? It is a very interesting full-feature but low-cost archive solution.

Full doc is available here:

Thank you!

Looks interesting!

They don’t appear to have an API for uploading data, but from their website

upload up to 40TB of data using FTP, SFTP, Rsync or SCP,

I have a contributor contributing SFTP support at the moment to rclone so that would work with it.

They have also a cli application written in go:

I’m also interested in seeing support in rclone, but I know it’s a lot of work to implement support for a new backend.

Hi there,

Edouard from Online here!

We are also interested and would love to have C14 integrated with rclone :).
If we can help you in any way to integrate C14, don’t hesitate to ping me, we’d be happy to help!

@ncw do you have any update on that?


Step one would be to make an issue on github about this with a link to the API docs.

Could you do me a free account for testing? It only needs to be a few GB? is my email address if you want to discuss further.

I’m hoping to have it merged in time for the next release. It would be interesting to test it with C14.

@ncw thanks for the fast reply!

I just opened with some helpful links (API documentation, etc.)
I think there is no problem to give you a free access to C14 for testing, I’ll let you know when it’s active.


Thanks for opening the issue and for the account.