Acessing all stats when using rclone as lib

Hi. I am importing rclone into my own go app and I would like to display some stats to the user. However the default stats output is probably not something my users would like to see so I am trying to get access to the values and then constructing a status overview myself.

I can see GetBytes and others, but the stats for total amount and totaltransfers does not seem to be available?
Have I just missed it or are they not broken out?

GetBytes is the total transferred. There is GetTransfers too. These are methods on the public singleton accounting.Stats

@ncw yes, I found those, but I was wondering if the other stats were available as well? I was looking for total needed transfers and/or total needed bytes so that I might provide the user with some form of progress indicator other than how much data has already been.

You can use the String value of accounting.Stats to get the same progress that rclone prints.

There may well be bits missing from the publicly exported names though… If you wanted to send a PR to export stuff then I’d merge it!