ACD Replacement

I have been using both ACD and GDrive for redundancy.
Now since ACD is not useable, what would be the best replacement for ACD (other than Gdrive obviously)?

Or (at least) I need a reliable backup source for my data incase something happens to my GDrive.
It must be compatible with linux.

What are your suggestions?

If you don’t mind 10Tb limit per account I think Hubic might be a good replacement.

If you also don't mind 10 Mbit/s limit! Per IP, not per connection/transfer!

At least 92Days to copy 10TB at 10 Mbit/s speed.

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Oh… I had no idea there is such a limit.
So, do you have an alternative suggestion?

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I decided to use Backblaze B2. 0.5cent/GB is pretty cheap.

It is 5$ /TB/Month to store your data.
It will be 20$/TB, if you need to download that data.

I’ve got less than 200GB so for me it’s not even $12/year. I didn’t see you mention the amount of data, just another user mentioning a 10TB limit on another service.

I haven’t mentioned any amount of data so this can be a general guide.
I have 3TB of data for now, but I will double that in few months.

Why ACD is not useable? I lost any post or new info?

You cannot access it (easily) on linux…

rclone has been banned on ACD. You can still access it thru other methods.