ACD new conditions - could this be done?

With the recent ACD news, they say that the Photo plan will keep unlimited so, from my completely ignorance, could it be possible to encapsulate the encrypted data like it was a photo?

Probably, but what happens if they do like google photos does, reduce the size of the pics?

Also you would need an app that splits the file up in picure size chunks.

could be done with
if you can switch the chunks to jpgs

Is the photos different from drive? If not, then no, it cannot be done.

Also, I don’t think they only check the extension of the file…

Well, I suppose they check the metadata of each photo when you upload them.

Store a black image for a 1-bit, and a white image for a 0-bit.

No, I’m not serious. (Although I’d kinda like to see someone store the latest MCU film in the filenames of a couple of million of jpegs… then you’d just need a directory listing to reconstruct the original film :wink:

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