ACD Mount, writeable?

Hi all.

I thought I saw a month or two ago a post about how Amazon Drive mounts are now writeable, is this correct? My googling didn’t bring back much of use. I’m running 1.35, is this only in the beta maybe?

Its writable for months now just not open & write at the same time, so its per app how it copied the files.
For example forget making torrents incomplete downloads directly in mount since they need to open and write in file.
Copying a file with normal CP command will work.

p.s. The latest betas had quite few fixes when it comes to renaming and moving files around so I suggest you use it.

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I’ll give the beta a go, thank you. Hopefully for the moving of some media files it will suffice.

You could always move media with clone move without the need for writable mount and i suggest you use that one since rclone move have build in retries if connection is failing etc… while mount is not that reliable especially if with larger files

write support is spotty though. Even rclone itself doesn’t seem to be able to write under lots of conditions to a rclone mount.