ACD crypt mounted download speeds slow to a crawl after a while

i am downloading from my acd crypt using rclone 1.6 on debian 8.
i am using very basic mount settings: rclone mount --allow-other
for the first day i was getting consistent speeds of 5-20MB/s but now it crawls.

every three minutes or so in the log i get errors ending with ReadFileHandle.Read error: low level retry 1/10: unexpected EOF and less frequently, but regularly, read tcp local_ip:53776->amazon_ip:443: read: connection reset by peer

there are no other errors in the log.

if i watch the network monitor, i can see that there will be bursts of 5MB/s that last for around 30 seconds, and then nothing for a few minutes.

i have tested with rclone copy and there is no slowdown.

any way to resolve this?

Amazon slowness. Not much you can do there.

Aware that this post is 1+ month old but I too have experiencing this behavior while copying files from ACD to G-Suite.