ACD connection problem came back - HTTP error code 429 appears again

Is it because my storage use is over my quota? But I am still within the 180 day deadline, and am able to access and download all my files from my browser.

The reason I prefer rclone over browser download is because rclone preserves the modification dates.

I am running rclone 1.39.

Can @ncw or someone shed a light for me?

Thanks to ncw and other wonderful people working with rclone, I followed ncw’s instruction given in Nov 2017 and successfully connected to acd to migrate my data out. After pausing the work for a couple of months, I just picked it up and attempted to continue migrating my data out of acd. However, the proxy stopped working.

This is how I connected to acd:
Proxy for Amazon Cloud Drive

@carlyuanliu - see this post, looks like Amazon has blocked the proxy