ACD BAN/Alternatives discussion (error HTTP code 429)

Any recommendations for a cloud sync software running on windows ?thinking to use an ovh virtual desktop (10eur / month) to sync the data …

Talked to the German Amazon Drive Support.

They said:

We havent banned any Third Party App. Please talk to the Developer.

I also asked if we can cancel the drive within the year. She said:

No you cant. So no refunds for us guys…

I think goodsync works well for windows.

I spoke with the Canadian ACD support, and my rep speculated that the ban “may be because of a recent event.”

I was offered a full refund, which I was told should show on my Visa card within 3-5 business days.

Interesting . Hope this will be in Germany too

If someone else needs to migrate to gdrive from acd.

How to migrate 15TB ACD to GSUITE (with only the GSUITE cost)

I am transfering at 55-137MB/s! average: ~120MB/s

First Step: Get G Suite Account

  1. signed up for G Suite trial.
  2. skipped setup assistant.
  3. added my domain via domain verification.
  4. upgraded to G Suite Business (8$ p month) (still on trial though! :slight_smile: )

Second Step: Get Google Compute Account
You get 300$ to spend for free on signup!+

  1. Register for free 300$ at Google Compute.
  2. Add billing details.
  3. Add a budget and limit it to 1$, just to be sure!
  4. Upgrade Google Compute to subscription (Is still on trial after uprade) (you have to, otherwise you only have 2TB disk space limit) (this will get you a 10TB limit)
  5. Request a additional +10TB contigent at “region” of your choice via Google Compute interface. I have a german ACD account, thererfore I use “eu-west 1” region. It only took 2min to approve! Bravo Google!
  6. Create Custom Instance VM with 2vCPU + 1.8GB RAM + 20 TB persistent HDD
  7. Wait for it to boot up and login via SSH

Third Step: Use odrive to sync to VM instance

  1. Register free odrive account
  2. Get linux odrive sync agent
  3. setup a mount
  4. recursive sync all directories
  5. recursive sync all files (with 3 parallel sync jobs)
    Tip: use ‘screen’. otherwise odrive sync jobs stop on connection abort / ssh session end!
    details see here: ACD BAN/Alternatives discussion (error HTTP code 429)

Fourth Step: Use rclone to sync to google

  1. you should know what todo. :wink:
    Beware: Since you are syncing the already encrypted files, you have to create a PLAIN remote.

Fifth Step: Use rclone with your CRYPT remote
Once finished uploading files files, switch to encrypted remote.

Sixth Step: Get ACD refund

Seventh Step: Unsubscribe Google Compute

  1. Stop VM instance
  2. Delete disk image
  3. unsubcribe (while still in trial period)
  4. remove your billing information

I calculated that the VM instance costs me around 0,07€ p. hour and the 15TB around 1,08€ p. hour once they are filled. Therefore I have about 9 “free” days at Google Compute to finish the migration.

At those average rates I am going to finish download in ~48 hours. I hope upload is similar fast, since it is coming from Google Compute to GDrive. Therefore the 9 days seem enough at this point.

Note: Since traffic to google drive is “free” currently, I may also get an additional “ebay” google drive account and also upload there. Should be possible in 9 days if the transfer speeds hold up.


they don’t charge for bandwidth?

So…if odrive works in Linux can we just use that instead of rclone to mount acd

I read some people where ban after uploading lots of data from ACD to gdrive. Someone have a rought idea of the amount of data per day i could transfer safely without any ban risk from acd to gdrive ?

Ingress is free (download from ACD to VM)
Egress to google services (e.g. upload to gdrive is free. currently promotional offer)

Let me correct this:
15TB ingress generate about 1% egress, should be 150GB with 0,12 per GB = 18€ for traffic. (which shortens my ~9 free day only insignificant)

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not like a mount. odrive uses a sync agent, like dropbox. therefore you need to have copies of all files on a local hdd.

What is a PLAIN remote?

I cannot answer this. I hope that they will just ban upload in that case. Which is impossible via rclone anyway at the moment.

I will report back if i got banned after the 15TB are transfered. (or not :smiley:)

do not use a crypt remote over gdrive remote to transfer initially.

Wait what? Is that something that might happen? I’m about 200GB into the ACD --> GSuite transfer right now. I was going to leave it running for the next 3-4 days straight. Is Google known to ban people for too data transfer?

I think he means the other way around. Amazon is going to ban you for excessive transfer.

AFAIK Google just rate limits you in case you overdo it.

Ah gotcha. Sounds plausible at this point. Has this happened? That would be a pretty nasty call if they banned my account. “Look MFers, I am trying to pull my data off your network because I need linux access and you blocked it. Gimme my data”


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I just tryed transfering (from a remote VPS under windows 7 64bits) with Expandrive (7 days trial) directly from ACD to google drive, and it’s barely usable : really slow (600-700kb/sec !) and quite often some errors.

Do you guys not want to see what the response is from ncw before running for the Google hills?

IF this gets resolved in the next few days, I might consider ACD still as a backup, if it gets back “again”.

This incident and the “i can do whatever i want with your account” service terms of Amazon just reminded me of the importance of a backup.