Accessing crypted remote from two different computers

I did set up a crypted box(.com) remote successfully from my little linux server quite some time ago. Everything works successfully since then. Now I want to access this crypted remote from a Windows 10 machine as well. My first try was to simply copy the conf-file from the linux machine to the Windows machine. I was able to access all files on the crypted box(.com) remote. So far so good. Problem is: After that my cron job on the linux machine complained abut an invalid refresh token and so my backup script failed. I had to redo oauth2 to enable the remote on my linux machine again.

So what would be the correct way to achieve what I want to? Or is it not possible to access my crypted box(.com) remote from two different machines?

hello and welcome to the forum,

you should be able to create client id/secrets for each computer
use service accounts.

Box doesn't like it when you copy the config file and re-use the refresh token. Doing the oauth on each rclone config reconnect box: will fix the problem permanently

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