Accessing a pre-existing remote on a different device

I was wondering if it was possible to access a pre-existing encrypted remote on a different device?

I currently have setup an encrypted remote connected to my google drive remote and can only access it on my headless VPS. I was wondering however, if it was possible to access this existing encrypted remote on Windows by perhaps adding the same remote and using the same username and password?

Is there a way to do this?

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The RCLONE.conf file contains all the configuration information for your different remotes. I would look for the rclone.conf file in either /home/yourusername/rclone.conf OR /home/yourusername/.config/rclone.conf and copy it to the windows machine in the default directory. That should sort ya out.

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Awesome!! Thank you!
Windows seems to take significantly longer to load files and just complete commands in general compared to the Linux version?
Mine takes 20-30 seconds to load a single command on windows vs a second or so on linux?
Is this common or is something wrong?

Something wrong I would say. Is there some virus checker involved?

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Perhaps windows defender? I’ll double check now to see if there is anything else. Are there any other factors that could affect this?

It could be name resolution I suppose…