Access OneDrive when offline

I’m using rclone for OneDrive for business on Ubuntu 18.04.
I have a question: how do I get access to my files when I’m offline? Is it possible to have an offline copy of your files, in the same way as the dropbox software works?
Thank you

You can use rclone copy or rclone sync to copy the files locally - is that what you mean? Or do you mean when using rclone mount?

I added the remote directory as described in this link

so I guess I did a mount.

That won’t work offline alas…

So what is the procedure that I have to do to have a system that allows me to have the availability of offline files, like dropbox?
Thank you

You’ll need to copy them to your computer which you can do with rclone copy so something like rclone copy yourremote:path /path/to/local/directory

Thank you.
/path/to/local/directory is not the mounted directory? Is another directory? Right?
If I want to keep synchronized /path/to/local/directory I have to create a cronjob that keeps me running rclone copy or better rclone sync?

Yes that is correct.

Correct again :slight_smile: