Access Amazon Drive via Proxy Solution fails on Raspberry but works on Windows PC

I use rclone on a raspberry. As I don’t have a browser there, I used my Windows PC to create the Amazon Drive config entry. I copied this entry to my raspberry rclone config file.

When I type
“rclone lsd amazon:”
I get this:
“Failed to create file system for “amazon:”: failed to get endpoints: Get dial tcp connect: network is unreachable”

On my Windows PC it works without problems and show the directories.

That message means your rpi could reach that IP address. So it is some kind of networking problem. Can your rpi reach the internet normally? Can you ping from the rpi?

Ah, thank you, that was the problem. I used an image provided by octoprint (for 3d printers) on my raspberry and had one wrong value in the config file that blocked most network connections.

So I could connect to Google Drive without problems but it blocked Amazon Cloud Drive.

Now it works. Thanks again!

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