Ability to ignore case on Dedupe

I am syncing photos from GDrive to S3. I first run a dedupe (rename) on GDrive as s3 doesnt allow duplicate file names.

But dedupe will consider DSCNxxx.JPG and .jpg to be different files and ignore them, when I sync to S3 I get

“Warning: File found with same name but different case on S3 bucket”

It would be nice if dedupe had the option to ignore case and still rename files, resulting in



Nice idea. Can you make an issue on github please?


Great idea. I was thinking about a simple solution, like add “–ignore-case” parameter to dedupe command or “–rename-dupes” to copy/copyto/sync commands?

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That got made into this issue: https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/1133

Please add your support to that issue!