9 hours for google drive to sync at 50% (200mb) *edit maybe my laptop was in sleep mode

9 hours for a folder to sync (50%, so ~18 hours total) with Google Drive. Yes, client_id exists.
No worth to use google drive sync...

*edit i think my laptop was in sleep mode because the last folder (same size and same number of files) took 1 hour but i cant confirm that. 1 hour is a fair

How many files have you got in there? Do rclone size /path/to/source and post the result?

Google drive is bad at lots of small files.

10000 but in the future this number will be multiplied

i think 7zip archive (windows) with stdout and rcat will do a better job but i ll lose the sync mode

If this is for backing up then you could use restic with rclone. Restic glues small files together to make larger files which might help. The restic chunks are still quite small though so it might not help that much.

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