8 bytes magic string

Hi Friends. I have a few questions.Can you give me some information about magic string bytes RCLONE \ x00 \ x00 and 24 bytes Nonce (IV)

@ncw I think this one is for you

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Some more informations ?

This is uses to definitively identify crypt files.

This is effectively 24 bytes of random numbers so no information is carried here.

The numbers need to be unique for every crypt file.

I'd like to make my own rclone with encryption, which will encrypt messages like rclone and prove that the rclone documentation is true.
Do you happen to have something done?

Someone made this: https://github.com/FWeinb/rclone-js whic is a javascript re-implemention of rclone crypt.

and something in C?

It uses nacl Secretbox for which there is a C implementation. You'd need an scrypt implementation too bitter I'm pretty sure there is a C version off that too.

and you don't have a source? because I searched and found nothing

Hi Friend. I'm sorry to bother you but the source of C version ?


For secret box

Check out ccViewer for an iOS implementation (Swift? Maybe Objective
c). That may help

ccViewer source is written by Swift but DecodeRclone is written by C#(maybe OK but it's old source, need follow up for current version).
Do you want source for Pure C or C++?

Hi friend, I want to ask if by chance the source code of rclone encryption header in C is not somewhere on the Internet? I would need it for a better understanding of the program but I couldn't find it.