4K Streaming Help

I meant should I implement a vfs cache

I'm running an encrypted mount on a team/shared drive.

Internet connection is 1gbps

what is your current rclone mount command?

rclone mount drive: /mnt/drive

sorry, did you re-edit your post or did i miss this?

I edited the post to be more specific

then rclone would download the entire file before streaming

and the devices used for the multiple streams, the devices are they wifi, wired or some combination?

OK thanks - don't want that.

All Cat6 ethernet

I'm curious whether the 16M buffer is sufficient for multiple 4K downloads. Or if there's another option I can introduce to better handle multiple large transfers

it depends on how much ram you have.

i think that you need is file caching to the hard drive

I have 32GB RAM to spare.

So your recommendation is to turn on vfs cache?

yes, turn on vfs cache

But this will download the entire file before playback will occur?

depends on the flags you use.

also, note that there is a major update to vfs cache in beta and it might be what you need.

--vfs-cache-mode full which will only download the parts of the file you need I envision this will become the preferred way of using the vfs cache

Thanks. What flags can I use to implement vfs read without rclone downloading the entire file before playback?

Or is that only possible in the beta channel?

not an expert on multiple streams and 4k,
i would try that beta and --vfs-cache-mode full

here is what i use in my mount
--read-only --vfs-read-chunk-size=16M --vfs-read-chunk-size-limit=0 --buffer-size=1G --rc

what vfs mode do you use? I didn't think vfs-read-chunk-size did anything for read only files unless you have vfs-cache-mode=full

if you use that flag, rclone will download the entire file before streaming.

and that is the comand i run, works find with 4k

Yes. But the VFS commands you're using aren't doing anything if you have a read-only mount.

I'll wait for further advice. Thanks.

i do not claim to be an expert...

a read-only mount means that i can read from the mount but cannot write to the mount.
perhaps i am mistaken, but the flags i used are for reading from the mount.

--vfs-read-chunk-size=16M --vfs-read-chunk-size-limit=0

@antigravity, I would start with the config detailed in this post Recommended Google Drive and Plex Mount Settings

I have some follow-up questions:

  1. Network questions: Are the clients to your plex server on the same physical network? Are all clients connected via gigabit to your plex server? What is the connection spec from your plex server to cloud storage?
  2. Playback questions: Are you clients configured to play at full quality? Are you transcoding the 4K files to some a lower quality? Are your clients able to Direct Play or Direct Stream? What kind of clients are connecting? (Apple TV, Roku, web, etc.)

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