403 Error - Not resetting after 24 hours?

I have two different accounts that locked up. One happened over 24 hours ago and I deserved it - I accidentally uploaded over 750gb. The other happened just now (though I only uploaded about 40gb to it). Is there any reason you could think of for the 1st account not resetting? I turned off all cronjobs once I saw it happened, but every time I test it, I get a 403 error. I am still able to use both of them for downloads.
Any ideas?

i also got locked out today - 403 forbidden - never happened the last month … maybe some error in google infrastructure ?

I hope the ban will reset soon … upload still possible / only download brings up 403 …

403 forbidden here also

It started 00:00 GMT

I was just unbanned. Let see how this goes…

me too …thanks for the info aj1252 …

Hmmm. I’m jealous. I am still banned and I don’t know why.