1fichier settings to avoid rate limiting to

How can i avoid rate limiting on 1fichier sync with rclone 1.65? The setting that i found in other topics are not working, or not working anymore.

Is there a setting for rclone to upload the bigger files in priority? For example upload the biggest, then the smaller and smaller ones.


maybe something like
--order-by size,desc - send the largest files first

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wow awesome! That will help a lot!

Is there a way to save the missing files from a sync? I mean, these sick rate limiting at 1fichier prevents me to upload the smaller files, for example the photos. I have limited time to backup the files there, so now i can upload the bigger files. But when only the smaller files remain, that are still not synced, then i want to save them elsewhere as those probably won't need so big storage, and from there later i can upload to 1fichier.

Any hints? Maybe there is an even simpler way, but i'm tired and can't really think, so i go to sleep now :smiley:

maybe something like
rclone ls remote: --max-size 1G
lists files on remote: of 1 GiB size or smaller.

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