12 TPS limit (Dropbox and RCLONE) - can be higher?

Please tell me if it's 12 TPS limit for Dropbox counted for 24h and can't be higher or it can be let's say 60 TPS few times per day and it's that still OK? I hope that you understand my question.

I mounted all RCLONE mounts with --tps-limit 12 right now, it's that a maximum?

I would like to fly under TPS hard rate limiter.


Dropbox doesn't post/share/document/explain any of their API rate limiting.

That being said, most folks have from 12 TPS works well for them (myself included).

It is also per app registration so for me, each mount I have uses its own app client ID/secret so if I do get a rate limit on one, it does not impact the other.

So in the end, no hard answers, test what works for you and your use case and use that is my advice.

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