100 cpu when 100 plus users connect

it seems to drastically fluctuate

In htop, you want to hit F2 and turn off userland threads.

as looking at threads really confuses things.

In your IOTOP, the disks are pegged which would slow the system down.

so this is top command at the moment 44 users going up and down on cpu between 28 -32


And roughly a user correlates to 1 file being served so you are serving ~28-32 files from the mount?

ye i would say that

sorry was menat to reply to this yes around about that count

That's barely cracking a sweat on your CPU.

Based on what you shared before, I think you have 16 cores so you can scale up to 1600% CPU usage.

This is with 155 users

That's disk IO and nothing do with CPUs so if you spinning disk, they are very busy.

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