1.44 --cache-tmp-upload-path not working?

So I don’t know what changed, but I upgraded to ubuntu 18.4 which I doubt would have any impact on this, but this is ia somewhat new issue for me, or I just noticed it. This is not properly working for me anymore, I caught it when my main drive got filled up because I downloaded some 4K content.

As you can see, the files are going to /tmp? My cache doesnt seem to be storing either?


Here is my systemd mount:

Description=rclone mount
After=network-online.target mnt-rclone.mount

ExecStart=/opt/rclone mount decrypt: /mnt/rclone  \
		--config /home/dulanic/.config/rclone/rclone.conf \
        --tpslimit=5 --cache-workers=10 --attr-timeout 2s \
        --cache-chunk-path=/rclone/chunks --buffer-size=0M --cache-db-path=/rclone/cache \
        --cache-tmp-upload-path=/rclone/mountupload --umask 000 \
        --allow-other --allow-non-empty  --cache-chunk-size=10M --cache-chunk-total-size=250G \
        --dir-cache-time=24h --cache-info-age=24h --cache-tmp-wait-time=24h \
        --vfs-cache-mode writes  \
        --log-file=/var/log/rclone.log --log-level=INFO
ExecStop=/bin/fusermount -uz /mnt/rclone


You need to set cache-dir with that. I’m assuming you have writes going to your /tmp area.

Isn’t that what --cache-tmp-upload-path does?

–cache-tmp-upload-path string Directory to keep temporary files until they are uploaded.

You have vfs-cache-mode writes going as well which is different.

Thank you. Think I didn’t realize as it is called --cache-dir and not --vfs-cache-dir